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Saturday, August 27 2016
Not all Bondsmen are dirty

About a year into the bail business while writing a bond one day the mother of the defendant was in my office doing paperwork. This was the 2nd time I was having to bond her son out of jail so we have gotten to know each other a little. At one point of the conversation she says, "you know Troy, you will never make it in this business." Why do you say that, I asked? "Because you are too honest" she replied. I never did ask her to elaborate on her statement as we were busy with other topics and paperwork, however, it kept ringing back in my head for a very long time and the longer I worked in this business the more I grew to understand why she said it.

Most defendants really don't appreciate an honest bondsman, it seems to me the dirtiest agent in town gets all the business and 5 years later I still can't quite understand why. They preached to us about ethics in bail school yet I rarely see anyone practicing any form of ethics in this business. It seems to be all about the money and getting to it faster than the other agents even if it means breaking the rules and sometime even breaking the law. 

I'd like to think that if I stick to my ethics and integrity that eventually others will do the same, but I doubt very much that will happen. At least I can sleep at night knowing I havent cheated anyone. 


I will write more in Ethics later - have a super weekend everyone.

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